Can I put them in the dishwasher?

Our dinner ware can be washed safely in the dishwasher, we recommend the top shelf. 

Our Jars are also dishwasher safe however if you add waterproof labels then you will need to handwash them. 

Bamboo lids are hand wash only.

Can I put them in the oven or microwave?

They are not suitable for microwaves or ovens. We recommend using a glass or ceramic product and then transfer the cooked items onto plate.

Will the dinner sets break if dropped?

Bamboo is durable and designed to last, however like most dinner sets they are not unbreakable and may crack if thrown or dropped onto hard surfaces. The good thing is that unlike glass and ceramic it will not shatter.

Where can I get labels for my jars?

The Write Label www.thewritelabel.com
Lisa at The Write Label, will be able to get you sorted with all your home organisation label requirements.

Why choose bamboo?

Bamboo is a wonderful eco-friendly resource; did you know that it’s one of the fastest growing plants in the entire world!? It’s also biodegradable, so if your toddler has thrown it across the room in a fit of “I wanted chicken nuggets”, you won’t be contributing to landfill.

Are your dinner sets nasty-free?

Yes, they are biodegradable, BPA and Toxin free and food safe.