About Us

We will be stocking high quality, eco-friendly Bamboo products. 

Who doesn't love an organised pantry, something that all started when I was wanting to clean out my own pantry while in lock down. Starting to become more self conscious of the amount of plastic we use I started looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic around the home. I love the glass jars as it allows you to see clearly what is in each jar and know when it is time to refill. Most jars I was looking for were tall with a narrow opening. The jars that I have designed are shorter and wider to not only fit easily in your pantry but also to allow them to be easily stackable. 

Bamboo Dinnerware Sets

After looking for hours on the internet for good quality Bamboo dinner sets for the family, I soon realised that the majority of these sets were designed for toddlers and babies. With 3 growing kids aged between 4 and 9, who normally eat the same amount of food we eat as I wanted a plate and bowl that was large enough to cater for us all. 

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